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  • Thanks for this one, really useful to use with one client with cervical lordosis. Keep up the good work!

  • Oh yeah

  • Ok but you didn' say that rettification of the neck can be caused by a subluxation of the atlas and it can lead to a powerful degeneration…. And some exercises like yours are just a tingle for the damaged area…. I think you should suggest to take a check a therapist after some x rays done! The time is important in this case… I would go back in time but i can't….but i can just say to everybody…. Your answer is not here!

  • could anyone who has gotten good results from this give me an idea on how long before I start noticing the better neck posture ?

  • My exray say disk degeneration in c3 c4 c5
    N spinal curve obliterated

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