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  • Community check in! Where in the world are you practicing today?

  • Such a great stretching practice in a short space of time ❤

  • My son and I loved it

  • this was exactly what I needed. I've been attaching this sort of dread around yoga ever since I got into running. I used to do a lot of challenging hot practices so I was holding myself to that type of practice every time. I love how you made this practice about release and ease and being gentle with yourself. I needed to be reminded of why I love yoga and that everything doesn't always have to be so intense. We can show up and still carry a lightness.

  • Just tried this, currently training for a marathon and this will help so much with recovery, thank you! 😊

  • I really appreciate your help. Thank you s M.

  • Yoga For Runners is helping me enormously, am feeling so calm, so relaxed. VO2 max is going up, fitness age is coming down. Legs feel happy and fresh…I could go on :), namaste.

  • Namaskar

  • Just did this for the first time – doing yoga straight after a run while still having the runner's high is an unmatched feeling. Body feels good, and so much of my stress has been subsided.

  • Any thoughts on whether this routine should be done before or after running? Also, does the pillow add any value or is it optional? Thanks.

  • Just did the wrong YWA video for Bridge for the 2nd time! I was supposed to do the 7 minute yoga for runners today, but ya know what!? I needed the 30 minute version! I lifted my weight off my hands in one-legged pigeon for the first time in this video thanks to daily YWAs for the past 40 days. Woot woot!!!!!

  • I love your gentleness – “Do everything with gentleness, with kindness, with reverence. That is how grace moves.” Heather K. O’Hara

  • Zoooomba haha that was funny thank you for another wonderful yoga session! 😄

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