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  • i can t even sleep for 2.5 hours …

  • I know how to sit seiza, Japanese sitting. I thought you'd show us Asana posture. 🙏

  • explaint for so long, but didn't show about it, it is pointless

  • So how do I sit???

  • After seeing this I tried "yoga" for the first time if you call this that. I tried the Siddhasana pose and it felt instantly natural and comfortable. Ive been sitting this way for maybe an hour now. I believe ill sit like this any chance I get from now on. I appreciate you brother.

  • Sadguru u r a wonderful person on tis earth. Ur teachings r so easy to understand. V love u. There s no words to describe u. Tq to Ur father n mother who gave birth to u for us.

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