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  • So inspiring content with love from
    Jah Bless to all life

  • Lo aa gaya Chinese… Boot kha ke… ROFL

  • Do most of you practice the entire form to memorize, or each individual section?

  • I really loved this routine. I am 70 and I don't usually do any exercise except for moving around the house and I have been feeling the need to do something so I started looking for something that would interest me. Long time ago, I did Qi Gong for some time and I have been trying several videos for beginners but felt bored. This video had all my attention the whole time, didn't even feel the time running. I think that when I saw the image on the video, it challenged me because you feel that you're going to move forward in whatever stage you are right now. I still need to check the breathing. Of course, I feel good after doing it. Thank You and Blessings to All

  • Absolutely 💯 gorgeous shifu thank you from Ireland 🙏

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