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  • Very informative! Explaining why I subconsciously pointed my feet when folding forward and then flexed them later to deepen the stretch, thank you🙏

  • Thanks this break down was very helpful a lot of the time. I feel like keeping your toes pointed may be intense for beginners!

  • Please make a video on this too.
    During Paschimottanasna or Seated Forward Fold, Some people have rounded uper Back but some people have rounded Lower Back and even some people have Flat back.

  • Excellent…so informative!!

  • Nice one, keep uploading. Have you heard of FollowSM . c o m? It is a great way to promote your videos!!

  • Hello Joe, and what about the spine in this asana or other forward bending asanas (janu sirsanasa, uttanasana, parsvottananasa, prasarita…) ? Until now I followed the widespread indication of lengthening the spine and opening the chest by carrying my shoulders back (sligthly back bending), but recently I received the indication to round the spine so as not to collapse the lumbar vertebrae (and to avoid lower back pain)… What about the sciatic nerve? Which is the safe way to do the asana to protect it? Thank you

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