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  • holy smokes; very great.

  • Thanks to your advice after a good year or so journey through various consultants I have finally seen a Women’s Health physio. She was so helpful I’m now just starting her exercises but I can draw even more from you. There’s so much to take in 🙂. Who knew 30 years ago that childbirth would leave us with so many weaknesses down the line. I would encourage people to see a physio. No giving up 💪🙏🏻🇬🇧

  • What about when you’re in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy? Is laying on your back like this safe?

  • Thank you soo much for sharing your journey with pelvic pain. I relate to all of the sensations you've felt on your right side. I am gifting myself with this pelvic tension release everyday for 30 days! The misalignment and tension in my hips have been a hgue source of frustration for me bc it really affects the way I move through space (feels so unnatural). I believe I can heal 😉

  • This worked for me!! I suffer from constant lower back, hip, groin, and referred pain down my left leg (even though I am right dominant). I have tried so many stretches, yoga poses, and exercises to relieve these issues. But this psoas release actually brought relief. I was experiencing quite a bit of lower back pain when I started the release, and I could feel the pain dissipate as the minutes went by. And the massage for the iliacus got a tender spot I didn't even know was there. When I was done and walked around I felt "level." My pelvic area was relaxed. I didn't realize how tense and unbalanced I was before. Thank you so much, Dr. Bri! I will be doing this daily.

  • wonderful! (:

  • I really wanted this to help, but didn’t find it released my pelvic muscles. Oh well, worth a try.

  • I've been at the brink of tears all week dealing with a flare of chronic pelvic and bladder pain. My urogynecologist recommended your channel, and so today I followed along with this video and finally was able to feel some release and relief my stressed-out psoas and pelvic floor. Thank you for talking through this video, sharing your story, and for sharing how to heal our bodies.

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