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  • whoo girl you make this look too easy!
    what in the world! I'm sticking with it though.

  • i finished it!!!!! The first time I tried i gave up! I finished it!!! yey

  • Woo! I did it today! I FINISHED it! I hope I lose weight on my chubby chub arms. My arms are like sausages!! Anyone please tell me how long it will take me if I will do it daily? 😢

  • This is so simple, so easy to do, and yet it burns so much… It's genius.

  • omg! this is so tough!! it is not that easy. I tried it just now gained a lot of pain.But it is superb!! How did you manage for a longer duration…I couldn't? Really an awesome one!!!!!!

  • if i do this daily….
    whn my rrsult shown……

  • I just started this arm exercises and absolutely love it I can feel a difference and intend to continue these for the rest of my life lol.

  • Started something now

  • In how many days i get results !

  • Omg I needed this ! Feels great

  • I shared this link with my friends feels great

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