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  • motivating…..

  • is this really a recent video? I've heard him tell these stories and explanation before

  • The universe sent me this message. I just ate a lot of things while i was standing and i had so much stomach pain suddently

  • 👍🏼 Excellent! 👍🏼  Thanks.

  • Namaskaram everyone🙏🏼 Need some suggestions…I plan to buy Dhyanalinga yantra which I'll keep in my living room. Do I need to sit cross-legged whenever I sit in that room? Or maybe right ankle over left ankle if I'm sitting on a Sofa because of the yantra's energy?

  • Thanks for sharing this to us🤗🤗🤗

  • I stand and eat quite a bit since I am busy. Now I will take a moment to sit cross legged. I know I came across this video for a reason.. thanks spirit guides

  • Shiva Sambho🔥🙏

  • If standing and eating can attract negativities, then does that mean standing and praying can attract negativity too. ?

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