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  • thank you, this really helps

  • Great, but I would advice against the slouched position. I used to do that, but it gave me a prolapsed disk. Couldn't sit, walk, lay down or sleep more than an hour a stretch. Thanks to understanding the cause and mechanism of it I managed to reverse it naturally. The solution was to use an inversion table several times a day. Creates vacuum in your discs, sucks the them right back in, as well as circulating nutrients to them. You're about 1.5cm taller when you wake up in the morning than in the afternoon. Test it. That''s all uncompressed discs. Stay away from doctors! Use your brain and heal naturally.

  • Wow, u are a lifesaver!!! My biggest complaint is sitting. Can’t stand, can’t sit, can’t lie down (Bc of cervical herniation). U finally taught me to spread each side and that is super helpful, Bc of a labral tear. Thank you thank you thank you!!

  • So helpful, thank you!

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