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  • my hands are fluttering too but not voluntary. It is weird. Done it after I drank tea

  • Please keep the camera where we can see the whole body.

  • Guy is cute. I Will marry a long haired man

  • Jump to 2:386:30 to start

  • March/2020

    🙏 Hello Moon, happy to watch all these tips. Great info. 💚🌱💚. 🍁🇨🇦

  • Hi, do you have easy routine for seniors who had pace maker implanted in their cest?

  • is it normal that my hands tingle so much?

  • LOL the young person looks like he is in a hostage video, instead of a Qigong video with some Aunties.

  • I feel a lot of warmth, especially in my hands. It's interesting because this seems to have a stronger effect than some standard movements, such as those from Yi Jin Jing. Thanks, this is great for when I'm too tired or busy for a full standing routine.

  • Very interesting I like this

  • This is great. Currently I am on a wheelchair and this has helped me everyday 🌹 thank you!

  • Thank you so much for this gentle exercise!

  • This practice is incredible, after giving it a go it loosened up my entire body… I wish this practice will get much more credit in the West… where we need it so much…

  • Question….
    Why right thigh and left leg?

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