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  • Great class. Thank you Erin!

  • Just what i needed today during my two week quarantine in the UK. Thank you 🙂

  • Dear Erin, doing this class again and again. I am so gratefull you are sharing your energy all over the world. Thank you so much! I am so lucky to have the opportunity to join you from Germany.

  • Hi Erin, great class as always. loving the voice over class and seeing your great smile also lightens my day. love how your chill vibe stretches all the way to Ireland in turbulent pandemic times.peace, Karen

  • Many thanks *x

  • Thank you Erin for a really good class, perfect for me today 😍😍

  • What is the difference between high cobra and downward facing dog? Thanks!

  • Thank you Erin 🌺

  • Dear Erin, I‘ve done this class so many times now after a long day sitting at the desk. It is sooo good. Thank you!

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