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  • Krista, you did fine. As for changes ? We should leave that up to yourself. As a teacher i know the series and the movement / adjustments. I look to the way the students react to my teaching with out saying. a word to me.

  • Fantastic video! I woke up at 2:30 am and could not go back to sleep. I decided to find a chair yoga video and came across yours. It actually helped me relax. Thanks so much!!

  • loved this practice ! most chair yoga is boring for someone who used to practice on the floor regularly. after knee replacement I had to stop going to classes because I could not do any poses that required to kneel. your class is challenging and rewarding! I am definitely looking for more of your classes ! thank thank you thank you

  • Thank you! Namaste

  • Thank you, I enjoyed this was not to hard and def not to easy!!! Perfect as I am recovering from several medical conditions. !! Thumbs up!!

  • Lovely routine, I was able to do this with my 77 yr old physically disabled mum. Perhaps you can add variations for people who can't bend a leg or lift high enough to put feet on the chair? Maybe using a staircase? Thank you. Peace and grace.

  • Very easy to follow for us seniors, thank you!

  • Glad I found this video! Perfect for me just beginning a stretching routine. What is that background music?? I love it, so relaxing!

  • Thank you.. as someone whose spine is fused from C2 to T12, not having to get down on the ground is fantastic. Namaste

  • love it!

  • thank U Krista

  • Thank you for this excellent standing Yoga! I do it with my friend , we are 70 & 72 years old and we don't want to lie down anymore. This workout is fabulous! we enjoy it 3 x a week specially now with COVID! If you put out more of this type of videos, please let me know. Thank you Again!

  • Just found your chair yoga today. It was fantastic. Thank you.

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