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  • Do you have knee pain? Did you try these exercises? Let me know how they worked for you in a comment below, and thanks so much for watching!

  • I used to call 30 year olds as acting old, today it's me and I'm here appreciating this video 🧓🤶

  • Recently I have been lifting with much more volume and my right knee has had pain, I will definitely try this before and after every workout. Thank you for saving my knees.

  • i’m in shock !

  • My orthopedic adviced me exactly the same exercises it works after arthroscopy

  • Wen I seen this video had 3 mill views I didn’t feel so old for a split second

  • Thank you, just from trying a few while watching this video and my knees feel better, can’t wait to try all these exercises regularly to get my knees better. To much ladder work

  • I have a knee ligament injury for three months i was using crutches now I'm recovering and trust me the pain is unbearable 😫😩

  • I have left knee below bone pain what to do

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