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  • Does the tailbone grow or increases ?

  • Literally been experiencing tailbone pain for 3 months now. Ever since the pandemic started I’ve been slouching in my chair for work, literally all pressure on my tailbone for over a year. Then after I’m off I went and slouched AGAIN plays games on my PC. Ugh, Google is telling me I have cancer but I know I don’t have that. Hopefully this goes away after fixing my posture

  • Thank you so much

  • I was sitting in a waiting room for 4 hours just like that on the same kind of chair and I wokeUp the next morning with excruciating pain in my tailbone once in a while a shooting pain. I’m going to focus on posture and just rest the next few days , my best question for you tho is , what’s the best position to sleep in for practicing proper posture and good sleep health

  • I was studying for exams by sitting on the bed. The pain was so bad. I'm gonna try this.

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