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  • Lately I’ve been remembering how important it is to give my mind a break and prioritize listening and responding to my body… and my heart.
    And the real magic is, it doesn't take much.
    Just take five.

  • Thank you ❤️x

  • I am working towards a deadline today so did this one in my regular clothes as a break from work.. so nice to feel my mind letting go the stress right away and feeling what is important again. Also, the side plank went so much easier than it did a month ago so the daily practice is definitely paying off 🙂 thanks Adriene!!

  • Thank you Adriene ☀️
    Move March’21
    See you tomorrow 🧘🏻‍♀️
    Namaste 🙏🏻

  • I did this drunk. Feels good man.

  • I was literally thinking to take a break today, as I was feeling lil tired. but then I said, "no let's do the yoga at least" and whoa! Today is actually a break day! the universe is really listening to me today 😀

  • Day 388 in books ❤️

  • that was realllly quick ! very cool !

  • In the middle of studying, not taking my phone on a break but doing this yoga feels amazing <3

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