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  • This is not yoga only time pass

  • The most difficult for meeeee but it's getting better trying today with your video i came closer to Lotus. I feel some pressure on my ankles

  • I can do it with no effort, never done yoga, i think some people can do it easilly and become yoga teatchers…

  • What im watching after having read too many chinese webnovels:

  • Please show us… How to practice malasana with such tricks

  • I used to to do lotus anytime anywhere but recently when I do, despite doing all the flow/warm up in my practice, I experience pain in my ankle from the outside (right side) … is there way to strengthen or loosen that area abut?

  • where does a random person like me get a block?

  • I got the lotus pose, yeah!
    But, the lotus disassembles itself in less than a minute. Hehehe.
    How can anyone stay in such position for long hours? That is something amazing.

  • You’re too cute 🥰 but seriously, great video thank you 🧘🏻

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