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  • I can't even sit like that ffs :'D

  • "Many healthcare professionals believe that this type of sitting can lead to orthopedic conditions".

    Well many people think that when you doesn't refer to any of them, it's complete and utter bullshit.

  • Not one shred of evidence, nor a link to a study.

  • Ive sat like this pretty much my whole life, it mostly began because i play ice hockey in goals so its a natural position for me (whats known as the the butterfly in hockey) I have no postural problems, tbh i have quite good posture, my only problem to date (being 18) is i have a twist in my knees but this is from the standard goalie stance of today, my brother who is a goalie has it (but he doesnt sit in the w, never has) and most of my friends who are goalies have twists in there knees to. So i agree with most people here to say that this is BS cause i have never had a issue with it and i sit like it every day

  • My daughter was born with slight Lo muscle tone. Yes our orthopedic told us NOT to allow our daughter to sit in a W.

  • Damn what an ass on her

  • Criss cross apple sauce? What? Is she in kindergarten or something? And please give us some sources to substantiate that claim that w-sitting is harmful. I have joint and postural problems but I assure you it's not from "w-sitting" as I have rarely ever done that. I have scoliosis and rheumatoid arthritis and it does NOT come from any funky way of sitting.

  • I can''t even W sit without having sharp pain in my hip joints

  • I work with special needs kids for more than 15 years now! This is a really helpful video for people that they want to help their children. Great job! Bravo!

  • hahahaha !!!!!! . people have been sitting like this years and years and running into physical problems over and over, yet not a single credible doctor or physician has ever advised against it. uhm how about no !! how about this idiot doesn't know wtf shes talking about.

  • What kid sits like this 'all' the time, so that parents should be concerned? I mean, really….

  • Wtf ive never seen anyone sit like that looks uncomfortable

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