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  • Hello friends!
    Thank you for all of the positive energy towards this video. It fills us up with love in so many ways.
    We just announced our first ever fully YOGA based program "Retreat"! It's a journey through Yoga for all levels!

    sending you lots of love and light
    Juliana & Mark*

  • Thank you sharing the amazing videos! They inspire me to travel to all these beautiful places and do yoga there.

  • That was otherworldly! Thank you Boho Beautiful for this challenging, energizing FLOW. Incredible setting + incredible guide = 💖🔥✨

  • Beautiful routine and view!!! Thank you!!!

  • I like these all body yoga practices for starting the day energised and relaxed at the same time 🙂

  • If you would like to listen to calming and healing meditation music whilst you sleep, please follow through!

  • 2022-6-5 attempted

  • not easy

  • What a MAGICAL moment with your amazing yoga and view, Thanks a lot, Love * Namaste

  • So good

  • Excellent !!!!

  • I have priforms but I have tried several exercises and there was no help ,I have only tried yours for two days I've got some change thanks so much dear

  • Holy crap that kicked my ass trying to keep up… too fast for someone who is one year new to this.
    Once I started to pause it and push myself a tad, I would practice each part then once I got it, I’d hit play and move forward.
    She’s very good, I must say. And coming from a male perspective it’s hard to do what she does! Well well well done! Tight! Stuff!

  • Thank you so much for sharing all those videos. It helps so much dealing with life.

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