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  • Now I know why women in japan are thiccπŸ˜… coz it's like getting an exercise πŸ˜‘

  • I know this isn't the time nor place to say this but he packin

  • That was great, very helpful! I love your sense of humor :))) i feel happy, thank you :)))

  • Thanks for sharing this vajrasana

  • Now we just need tutorials on how to sit in a yogi position (lotus or half-lotus position) and and how to sit on a chair πŸ˜‰

  • I lay different ways on the floor. but i do push the spinal column into the floor and suck my gut in, however far it goes. People can mew in addition to sticking out the tongue various ways. see face yoga

  • My quads are so tight! I’m going to work on this daily. Thank you! I subscribed.

  • Thank goodness for the rest intervals

  • Thank you Sir, u r a born teacher

  • Thank you. I am a 2nd black belt in karate and I always found it hard to sit like this. When i found this video i was happy because it helped and now I can sit in this style. Because of this I have subscribed and liked

  • Different exercises, especially lifting the arms together with the legs was difficult for me as my elbows are not in good shape and giving trouble since last few months. Otherwise I was able to do most of them. Thank you Alfons for teaching with patience.

  • 10/10 this has been added toy stretches and workout stuff for when I wake up thanks a bunch!

  • Loved this! I am a flexologist at Stretch Lab in Hudson OH, and will use these techniques with my clients! Thank you!

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