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  • Thanks for sharing. Can you please also add the links of additional vids (kyphosis) in description? The screen links don’t work fr some browsers

  • Thanks great video can you do video with band work for neck? Do you recommend band work RoM exercises for neck I guess is the question and if yes than video. Thanks

  • Thanks for the stretches. Been a fan and follower of your work here for awhile. However, as a massage therapist who specializes in neck work I couldn't disagree more with what you have to say regarding the effects massage can have in the neck. Yes, alot of massage does only feel good while you're receiving it but that's because the majority of MT's are afraid of working the neck and simply do not have the know how to make much lasting change in that area. I encourage you to continue to seek out a great massage therapist who can show you the power this work can have in this area. Though of course, a stretching program, in addition to this type of work, will yield the best results. The problem with stretching alone for people with necks so tight that they cause pain like thoracic outlet syndrome is that the muscles are too tight to stretch them out effectively on their own. Which is the most powerful effect of any good massage–we are simply stretching the muscles back out of their shortened state. Anyway, thanks again, but please keep an mind towards what massage can do.

  • Very helpful. Thank you for the video.

  • Thanks! This is great.

  • Thanks! Going to try implementing this. Could this be done lying on your back on a firm floor as well?

  • Thanks Eric. My wife has forward head and kyphosis so I'll show her this.

  • Feeling much better already after doing this twice. Can't wait to continue. Thanks so much for what you are doing Eric!

  • eric, could you make a video with exercises to activate and strenghten multifidus please!!)))

  • Hey Coach – Just a heads up the annotation's to click on your other videos are not working!

  • Eric; great video. great info. I'll apply it to my cervical pinched nerve. thanks again.

  • Recently subscribed your channel !! And i never regret , you are doing great, love from India ♥️

  • which muscles get strengthened by doing these?

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