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  • What other questions do you have about bed rest?

  • Thanks , so normally which stage is bed rest commonly recommended, am nw 27 weeks and 4days preg

  • Thank you for sharing such great information.

  • Thank you, big help for me .

  • Lovely

  • Im in my weeks 8 of my pregnancy.. im 45y.0 and I’ve been experiencing spotting on and off for a week. I took days off from works for bed rest but still experiencing the spotting. I went to for ultra sound and the ob said the baby is fine. I couldn’t stop worrying.

  • I had a cervical incompetence in my first pregnancy and so I loss my baby ..after 4 months I am pregnant at 8 weeks now. …Does I take bed rest? Is it must to take bed test from when I take bed rest

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