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  • I poop standing up

  • Sitting is the new smoking.
    In other words…humans have become so inactive because there is no reason to move.
    The comfort zone in the home, the snacks, & entertainment all add up to 'why leave my little nest' issues.
    People used to grow their food, which consumed the better part of the day.
    Now, people work at jobs which have nothing to do with our daily sustenance, & go to the store, where food produced somewhere far away & has to be packaged & transported.
    How did we end up here?

  • Shout out to all those watching this while sitting down!

  • I wonder why I am still alive then.

  • Day 12 of not sitting or laying:
    I became an amphetamine addict so I can fight the peasantly urge to sit or lay. I've never felt better but my nose is constantly bleeding.

  • Except that moving around uses more energy, our ancestors evolved to use as little energy as possible because using more energy means you need to hunt and gather more to sustain that energy use. Therefore humans are designed to be sitting a lot of their waking lives. Now maybe we shouldn't be sitting in the position that is created when we sit in desk chairs and such and we should be squatting more but the idea that sitting down destroys is a major oversimplification.

  • Plantar fasciitis says hello…

  • Just click your heels together and say there's no place like standing, and all of your problems will be fixed? 🙄

  • Yes, I am sitting down as I'm listening to this….and I am destroyed.

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