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  • I loved the meditation. ❤️But the ads in the middle were unfortunately really distracting. Is there a way for you to remove some of the ads when you upload or shift them to the end and beginning?🙏

  • Dear Kino, don't put yourself in the shade.
    You have a pretty face and a beautiful body. Then why do you drop the light on your backside. so that we can only see a sylhouette of yours and see through the window people outside walking back and forth.

  • Hi Kino. Do you have any yin classes on Omstar? I signed up and can't seem to find any. Thanks for your help!

  • I love your singing Kino !! Youre so amazing xxx

  • Thank you very much Kino for this class, I really enjoyed it! Very useful for those days when your body needs some rest. Namaste'

  • what time is the live class (I mean this Yin/restorative class) on Thursday?

  • Thank you, Kino. Love from LA. xoxo

  • wow…Thank you Kino!!!

  • Is there any video on authentic hatha yoga?

  • I don't think after seeing the thumbnail my mind could be calm

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