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  • This session is not a fix all but I think it does a damn good job of gently putting you in an empowered role to center in your awareness and guide yourself forward.
    Because no one else can do that for you.
    No guru. It has to be you.

    How are you feeling after today's practice?

  • Thank you Adriene !

  • What's fun is that sometimes, I can be lazy to get down on that yoga mat but I ALWAYS end the session by thinking :"god, I love this woman and how she brings us so much peace". Thank you from the bottom of my heart Adriene

  • You are truly amazing, thank you for everything you do for this community.

  • Thank you Adriene!

  • This was a great session. Peaceful but with lots of great active moves. I felt great after. Thanks Adrian and Benji

  • hello like nice video I am Turkey Kanal Ilgın Tv

  • I struggled to be consistent with the last 30 Days, I’ve been really challenged this year, I’ve had my decisions questioned and wondered if I’ve done the right thing BUT this sequence calmed me in a way that none other has AND that was exactly what I needed today. I’ll be coming back to repeat this sequence 🌈🌻

  • My first Yoga! I have a back injury. Told to do yoga for years. Felt great all day! Thank you

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