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  • You were so calming and nice but i couldn't pull through. I got hung up in the movement and forgot to relax. I broke down and cried

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  • so I'm not the only one crying while doing this…thank you so much for uploading…

  • Why is spinal work good for stress?

  • A m a z i n g shift thank you so much Adriene

  • Lovely video 💓💓

    Tension ?? Stress ??

    Do this simple breathing

    Thanks 🙏🏻 & Appreciate
    Record holder in Yoga and International Yoga Coach

  • she changes directions so fast I just get more stressed trying to follow up… Maybe I started on the wrong video but I feel worse after trying this.

  • I’m struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety and this was so helpful. At the end when she said “let it go” the tears started flowing.

  • Incredible video! I haven't done yoga since my boxing days, but I am diagnosed with clinical anxiety and while trying to write this paper for my psychology class I was looking for anything to help relieve some anxiety. After doing this entire session I feel great! If just doing something like this for 20 mins can help my anxiety as it just had, I might have to take up yoga full time lol you have a new sub in me!

  • Thanks for the video, learned new poses and positions and it was great <3

  • You always know what to say at the worse time time. “Chose the light, Let it go” I needed to hear that. I cried. I’m so thankful for you Adrienne

  • I was in stress when i was over loaded with school work and the nose one helped alot <3

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