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  • Great routine. Gracias

  • You should change The title of this video to "Blueblockers information stretch session".

  • Thank you so much for this Video!!❤️❤️❤️ I did this routine for 3 months then stopped for a month because i struggled with a heart surgery… today was my first time doing it after all this, and even if I know the routine very well, I’ve always let your video play.. so today I did it again after a long time and the part in the end, when you say: „Give yourself a hug“ released something in me and I started crying… I feel so much more free now after all this stress is gone.. i really can’t thank you enough for this one! You are really making a great job and I’m so happy that I came back to you today ❤️❤️ sorry for my grammar, much love from Germany❤️

  • 🙏 Thank you. I appreciate you going thru everything on the body we addressed with this flow – helpful for understanding how effective yoga is 🙂 time for bed

  • That was wonderful

  • New to yoga, its too hard for me can you make some videos for those who are trying yoga for the first time please..

  • Doing this stretch for the 20th time before bed

  • Great little one that even works in the van!

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