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  • Im starting to practice from today
    I'll write if i can make it!

  • You are sexy😋

  • Thank you..

  • >Yoga For Beginners
    >first pose almost breaks my leg and spine

  • I am training for full lotus these days and I can sit comfortable for about 5 minutes for now. It requires much more open hips than half-lotus. For people watching these videos, additionally to things mentioned in the video you must check wide angle forward bend and butterfly postures. These are great for opening hips and are absolute must if you want to achieve stable full lotus without damaging your knees.

  • 🙏

  • I'm just gonna sit here, catch my breath, wonder what life is about, oh, this feels nice

  • New subscribe, thanks 😊

  • Really good tutorial. My new favourite yoga teacher!

  • If I continue to do half lotus everyday will I eventually be able to do full lotus

  • The knee joint is a marvelous design of nature.Twisting it like a pretzel is a crime.

  • Good to

  • I do not know these pose

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