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  • This was amazing! I have issues with flatulence and digestion, and this was such a relieving practice to do for that!

  • Thank u so much as someone who struggles with eating this helps a lot when I get stressed you’re very soothing and work miracles for my body mind and soul ty

  • I love all your videos! But would LOVE more videos for stomach pain and digestion. It is SO helpful! Thank you!!

  • thank you so much

  • Everyone says that falling asleep is the best option whan you are sick but my stomach hurts so much that I can’t fall asleep and I hate it because I’m very tired but I can’t sleep because of the stomach pain Plus it’s raining outside and it’s very loud which makes it even harder to fall asleep.. you are mot alone guys! We will get through this💕 God help everyone who’s dealing with stomach pain!

  • I literally just found your video I’ll be 60 in a week! So worried about 70/80 out of shape big time! I can do the short set! I can follow your practice with some regularity at least a few times a week! Finding you may very well help me on the road to self sufficiently & longevity 🤙🏼🦋

  • I find it funny that Adriene assumes I will feel guilty for eating/drinking too much. Like I knew exactly what I was doing, I'm not mad, just in need of some yoga

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