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  • Hello Heather Anne, I'm new to your channel. I'm really eager to try this yoga routine. I experiment lower back pain since a few years. And since a few months, I also experiment hips, glutes and upper thighs pain (!). I think this yoga will help me. Thank you and have a great day! 🙂

  • Thanks Heather. As you mentioned in the beginning of this video, I'm one of your new followers who recently commented on another video that I like a more active strength-building practice without forward folds or stress on the lower back. I really appreciated this video and your attentiveness to viewer feedback. I look forward to more of your videos that are aware of the lower back and for those of us who suffer from sciatic nerve pain or herniated disc. Great video. . I can definitely feel my glutes:)

  • Great routine

  • Thank you I have problems with sciatica and I can't do forward bends because they always aggravate it. I hate that because I love yoga. Thank you for doing these videos without forward bends. Can you do a full body yoga without forward bends ? Thanks!

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