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  • Let's drop the guard. It's ok, darlin'. Let love in. Are you ready?

  • Thank you so much for this Adriene!

  • I was in too much pain to do much else this morning, this kicked it! Thanks Adriene <3

  • I love you, thanks for this practice.

  • So nice way to wake up the body. 🌞

  • I've done this practice a few times recently. Feels great.

  • Awesome practice. I have been coming back to your lower back classes as I have been having some sciatic pain and these are really helping to keep it at bay. Staying away from any forward folds for a while to get my back strengthened again. Thank you so much for having these wonderful targeted practices available. So much love – Namaste!

  • Thank you so much. That was lovely.

  • These videos have saved me from prolonged pain in my low back! Thank you so much for quicker back recovery!!

  • Thank you so much —It's been too long for me

  • love u! Kisses from Brazil

  • Anyone else experience tenderness on your hips while doing the side poses towards the end? My right hip was so tender that the pose was impossible for me to do…

  • Thanks to Nynke I found your YT channel Adriene. Grts from Holland.

  • This was incredible. Thank you, you are so lovely

  • Adriene you have been an inspiration and I follow your different sessions everyday I hit the mat. I am so grateful I found you on YouTube. Your yoga has help me so much with getting through this pandemic. I am becoming stronger everyday/ Thank you for all you do

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