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  • I have been doing YouTube yoga for years. I recently found your channel and enjoy all your practices but yoga for men has been my go-to. Now, I can't do other YouTube yoga because your style is so strong and challenging, other channels just seem tame. I know there's a reason for different styles of yoga for different people, but not for me. This is my style. I'm going to join your Patreon now. Great job.

  • Hi! I have a question concerning movements like the boat or other core-focused, lying on the back. It seems like I don't have problems core/abs strength-wise but constantly feel pain or maybe stiffness to put it better in the hip/quadriceps area, any idea how to fix it?
    Btw great work as usual, all the best!

  • sir which yoga is best for ashtanga. hatha.power yoga.or which one please reply me

  • Yoga for men all the fu**ing way

  • I started practicing yoga 9 years ago, also been teaching on and off for the past 6 years. I often find it difficult to have my own practice so I prefer to follow a class as it motivates and inspires me more. You and Bri's styles of teaching are my favorites by far. I have taken every class in your channel several times and gotten so much stronger since I started. It's amazing. I'm also a climber, and the slow functional aspect of this practice helps tremendously. Alright, it's time for this 3 hour practice! Let's go!

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