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  • From past 7 years, I am suffering from allergy rhinitis. I tried allopathy(who told me there is no permanent cure for it), ayurveda( medicines had a few side effects on me) and homeopathy ( I took tablets for a year , after that the symptoms were back. Now I thought of trying yoga, Today I did the asanas you thought in this video. I can see a major different in my health like less nose blockages, and I can breath well now.
    Thank you sir, I gonna stick to this for my lifetime. I hope this will help me in long run.

  • I am suffering from Rhinitis, every alternate day I have to take Levocet M tablet at night. If I don't, I get multiple loud sneezes through out the day along with runny nose and cough that keeps coming in my mouth. Please help for a permanent cure if there is

  • Allergy rhinitis is pretty much due to your spine and disc underpressure from mostly T3 to C1 ,so electricity from spine to sinus not correctly send / out of balance so you need to scretch it out also make your back muscle flexible. If proper spine & disc are scretch out well then all symptoms immediately disappeared well this I have confirmed true, of course the best exercises are Yoga and also swimming. Anyway most of the diseases will disappeared if all your spine ,disc from C1 to L6 aligned and scretched out correctly and you have strong and flexible back muscle. Do it yoga ,muscle flexibility like training also swimming in six months you will reborn as new person­čśÄ

  • can it be done in pregnancy

  • Thanks Dr Aloyee on YouTube i was able to eradicate herpes simplex virus HSV2 out of my body system, with the help of is natural herbals supplements.

  • It's effective these yoga asanas and authentic Ayurvedic medicines are really working for me, if you want to get better results then also do pranayamas.

  • Chandranari work in rihintics allergy

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