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  • This really helped my neck pain. I have a 4 level cervical fusion and have severe tightness with pain. THANK YOU!!!

  • Thank you!!

  • This was super helpful! I have never explored my body specifically like this. Just after 1 session, my neck doesn't feel as tight or as in pain. I am known to have migraines headaches so I'm glad I ran across this. My migraine has lessened and my brain feels better. Bless you. New subscriber❀

  • Great postures to fix my neck

  • You are an amazing instructor!!! I feel like I'm doing yoga with a girl friend ^_^ So authentic & fun. Thanks for making these videos. I'm a fan of you Cole Chance <3

  • I found this video a few years back and have done it here and there for some relief from my chronic neck pain. But recently I have suffered more and more from migraines along with the neck pain. I decided to try doing this video along with some mediative wim hof breathing on the daily since March 1. I am delighted to report I have not had one migraine in the past 20 days. It feels like a miracle.Thank you for these amazing stretches!

  • Thank you verry much !!!

  • i have been dealing with posture issues, cervical pain issues from my C7 and C3/C4 facet joint and trying to help them proactively for 2 years. finding this video was THE FIRST video i found that could really help my neck pain. THANKYOU

  • This was amazing. It really relaxed me and I have chronic shoulder and neck pain, and this helped a lot. THANK YOU!!! <3

  • Thanks for sharing….. wonderful session!!

  • This is my go-to video whenever I have neck pain. It always helps! Thank you!!

  • This is super powerful for people like myself that sit at their desk and work for A LOT of hours a day! Thank you!! I love your vibe and Shawtee's also!!

  • Thank you!

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