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  • Thank u di effectIv❤️

  • I personally have bad period cramps and the first day I always lay in bed crying, trying not to die, it's my first day again, I was laying and tried to do this and it helps, thank you

  • Happy baby 🥰

  • Is it good to do as a daily yoga!? I mean if i do this daily, does it relieve my pain during periods!?

  • I'm just 14….😭😭
    And i'm dying like hell bcz of this pain😭😭

  • This so helpful. Thank you 🙏

  • This helped. Thank you!!

  • Most of the poses were very helpful, except for the fish posemwhich made my back hurt even more. Do you know what could go wrong?


  • Girl you just saved my life, on everything 😭😭😭

  • Few months ago my period cramps started to get more painful than usual, so I went to see the doctor. At first I thought that it's something very serious to me, but when doctor said that it's pretty normal and happens to many women, I relaxed. I was told to drink some pain killers, but not everyday 'cause you can get addicted to them and it will be difficult to survive even a little pain. If it's really deadly painful – only then medicines. If the pain is not that bad, but still makes you feel uncomfortable, try some exercises, rest or place some heating pad on your lower back or back. Plus, you need to drink more water, avoid coffee and sour foods.
    Like last night, I woke up at 2AM because of really painful and annoying period cramps. Somehow I ended up searching for a exercises to release the period pain. And I ended up doing those yoga exercises. And surprisingly it helped! I did only few movements and my period pain started to be less painful and I finally managed to relax and go back to sleep. Thank you so much 🙏💛

  • It's helpful thank you ❤️

  • In this pain iam not able to do this type of yoga😒

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