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  • SO SO

  • Good morning from Edinburgh. I woke up with the great surprise to have 2 new videos! I’m so happy! Thanks. I just did this one first. Now that we have to be at home 3 weeks your videos and messages makes me happy and keep me motivated! Keep yourself safe. Namaste 🙏

  • Love from me 💖🙏👍💖🙏

  • Hi,Kino! Yoga provokes an inspiration! a new poem appeared in my mind)

    Practicing yoga in the rhythm of flow,

    My heart is open and it starts to grow.

    I wanna share with you, I want you to know

    If smth negative comes up in your soul

    Yoga has tools to let it all go !

    Namaste from the Black Sea Coast, south of Russia! namaste! Summer is coming and ill be back to the place I call HOME – to the beach) Be safe and healthy!! Tomorrow is my birthday and your meditation on youtube is like a present for me) I will meditate with you online) Thank you!! God blessed you.

  • I like this lesson!!! Thank you very much!!! Just wanted to ask, in video do you do full samokanasana or upavishta konasana?

  • U r my guru…

  • After driving all the time cause I’m a truck driver and get stressed at crap, I get home put on some KINO for relaxation and bingo, I’m happy again. I love you KINO thank you😃

  • Hi kino
    Could you please tell how got it took for you to master your middle splits?

  • Do you know baba ramdev

  • Wats up from /SA.TX. LOVE TAT HAIR.

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