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  • Thanks Nanci! My 89 year old mother and I Do this program 3 times a week and it brightens our days. Thank You! I have a question about the pose where you squat off the chair. Is that basically a squat you are doing with the chair for support?

  • Great session. How will I find more of your sessions? Thank You. Charlie in Syracuse NY

  • You are awesome

  • Thank you for the lovely video! Please, what subtitutions would your recommend for the forward fold at 9:36 (an abundant waist and a fragile back)and the ankle to knee at posture at 10:35 (just very stiff, its hard to bring the ankle to the level of the knee)?

  • Very nice. Thank you!

  • This was very helpful and after doing a couple of workouts I was moving more fluently. Thank you so much!

  • Thank you.

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