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  • I this video inspires you to do what is sometimes the most difficult part, which is simplifying, peeling back the layers, and just showing up.

    I share this question with you, “How will you show up?”
    Just take a moment to breathe with that.

  • First time in your channel.

    Unfortunately, I didn't engage with your practice. Maybe you could be "more present within it"… your dog is lovely but distracts you and also the viewers. Another prompt, while guiding the practice, avoid making jokes or laughing, those things blur yogis from practice.

    Thank you anyways.

  • Yes. Thank you 🙏

  • Cannot explain how grateful I am for this video to exist🤍

  • girl i love your delivery thank you

  • Deep bow and gratitude for all you Share through these videos Adrienne. This is serving me wonderfully to establish a supportive practice for the whole body. My Question: I notice I clench and tense my knees in many postures, especially forward bends and ham string stretches, and often feel my knees rather than the hamstring stretching out. I wonder what you mean by locked knees and how I can feel more into the rest of the leg, as I consciously try to relax the knees (a point to focus on rather than just relaxing the knee which can draw my attention just to tightness of knee rather than anything else would be most gratefully received. Namaste.

  • I'm currently recovering from a fractured tibia and this was the perfect class for me today! Thank you, Adriene!

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