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  • Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. I was a heavy ativan-addict individual and now I´m finally begining to taper it off after several attempts. My sleep is improving everyday. I´m begining to have quality sleep and I have no words of gratitude to you.

  • It's awesome Im really sleepy 😴 good night 💤😘

  • She looks like Corinne from survivor season 17 lol

  • Awesome 👍…

  • I loooveeeed this session! And yogi's calm and very easy following voice..! Namaste.

  • For me if it is a sleep yoga sequence then the energy should at least match what the video suppose to represent. This inscructor has too much energy for the type of video it is meant for. I am watching viedo to wind down not be full of energy and be talkative afterwards. But hey if I want a video like that I can create my own. Good to see this has helped other people. I am part of the few that did not find relaxation out this video.

  • 👍👍💕

  • You are the best! Thank you so mich for this relaxing class. Take care

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