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  • Thank you, my friend. This really helped.

  • man, i'm sedentary. how can i do that if i cant even tie my shoes? any tips for real real real beginners?

  • this was really helpful. thank you

  • Loved it! Just what I needed after all day at the desk. Loved the clarity, the pace, the "straightforward" style, the instructions. All great! Namaste

  • Nice! Thanks!

  • Could definitely feel the good work being done! Like the cat and piano background too haha

  • I love this workout. I've been doing yoga for ten years and this is the perfect short routine for office workers like me. Thanks!

  • This was perfect for me today, thank you.

  • Thank you very much for this practice, it did me sooooooo good! It is 06:30 am here in Germany and now I feel ready to face the office! All the very best to you

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