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  • I`ve never worn eye glasses in my life, but I almost had to. After two months usage of eyesight development method “Tοsazο Zuzo” (G00GLΕ it), there is less strain and squinting in comparison to when I wasn`t making use of any product. I could state that my eyes haven`t been in a better situation, particularly now that my eyesight has improved. .

  • It works IAM doing from 2 weeks but recently I have some improvement and every day when I see phone headache it's so much pain

  • Ma'am can we take back support while doing this

  • Ma'am my eyesight minus 14 . Should I gym

  • This is wonderful! Thank you for posting this!

  • It will reduce the increase of power in eyes ??

  • How many times a day should this eye exercise be done?

  • I went blind. 😎

  • I'm currently on -3 will this work for me or do i have to try something else?

  • Will it work for nearest visiom

  • Tell something for weak stomch

  • My one eye has power of -4.5 how to reduce this in month to 0 plz reply

  • My eyes are right – 3.25 and left – 4.00 will it work for me ..

  • Thanks

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