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  • You are invited to the mat to turn the dial in on your awareness of body, thought, and the way the two CAN intertwine to leave you feeling fit and empowered.

  • This is exactly what I needed this evening – thank you!

  • Thank You Angel @Adriene n Benji <3 <3 <3

  • This is absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Adriene. This is exactly what I needed. Namaste!

  • "Burrito of love…I'll take two please" 😂 I love you Adriene!

  • Love you Adriene! Thank u for your amazing videos!

  • Merci 🙏

  • This was exactly what i needed today.😄

  • Thank you so much Adriene. I have followed along with your videos for years now and they always bring me back to a space that is much needed. Tonight's practice was no different. I appreciate you so much.

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