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  • This week it is my intention to attune my practice and align with my work…The heart opening practice allows me to be open to that attuning…the practice became clear and effortless today

  • I loved this Melissa, thank you so much!  It was a right timing for me for this kind of heart opening and visualizing a fruit and not just the blossom.  Namaste <3 Lucy

  • Since you asked…..the only improvements I would like to see in the weekly yoga video is the continuation of modifications to get to the main pose. The moving downdog to upward facing dog is difficult on my arms . I did it but it was tough. Thanks for continuing the psoas stretches. It is helping me as I am seeing a physical therapist who approves of your yoga classes. I have a partner who may be interested in yoga also. The partnership yoga sounds interesting .

  • I really really loved this poem. I've been making small but significant steps through the procrastination to practise in several areas and the poem REALLY just soaked right in. Throughout this series Poetry in Motion, I have been drawing daily cards at the end of each yoga practise, and the threads running through and connecting the poems, my intentions, and the tarot are just so encouraging and affirming!! Much love to you all, Peace !! Sue

  • This was a beautiful class. Thank you:)

  • Nice twists and practice 🙂

  • Thank you for this class Melissa! It helped me realize that the reason why I was doing two lessons in a row was that I needed to upgrade to the intermediate level lessons 🙂

    Personnally, I need to work on the rigidity of my lower back and while you're giving some explanations or reading a poem, I use this time to do some cat and cow or some cobra pose.

    I wouldn't change the format of the lessons, I would just suggest some extra exercizes for those who would like to complete the class by doing some more.

    Í've been following your lessons for more than two years now, really illegularly I must admit, but it is my main training during the week, and it helped me building inner peace, clarity of mind and keep my flexibility and my heart open.

    Thank you for your teachings Melissa!

  • This class is really good for people who work in an office like me. Lots of backbends and hipopeners.

  • Your words seem to have new depth in this period we to through

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